Wedding Guide

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Building the perfect Wedding Day Timeline

Whether you choose to do a first look or the traditional "no seeing each other before the ceremony" I will work closely with you on making sure you have the best timeline and plan for images!

If you're choosing to go traditional, you'll need two different sets of photo times: images taken before the ceremony and images taken after the ceremony.

Make sure to give yourself PLENTY of wiggle room in your schedule! It's such an amazing and important day, you won't want to spend it rushing around worrying about everything! Allow yourself some breathing room.

If you're doing a first look, photos can be done all at one time, taking an average total of 2 hours pre-ceremony (although having a bit of spare time with you, just the couple, around sunset is always such an amazing time)

If you choose a traditional aisle reveal, all I ask is that you keep your ceremony time and the sunset time in mind when planning your wedding. If you're planning a sunset ceremony or an evening ceremony, it's best to do most of the photos before the wedding, as daylight is crucial to getting amazing portraits for your families, bridal party and your couples portraits. Making sure we have enough time after the ceremony ends when the sun will still be out is vital to ensure that portraits are not rushed and include all of the different photo spots you want.

Sample wedding timelines below

These timelines will always change depending on your venue/your needs/your sunset time!

First Look

there's so many ways to make this moment special

I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for first looks. A lot of times the day can be extremely stressful, and the one person you want to be there to help calm your nerves is the one person you're "not supposed" to see. I always recommend doing a first look with your partner to help get rid of the nerves, spend some alone time before the craziness of the day, and to just honestly end up with some amazing, intimate photos.

That being said, there are SO MANY amazing alternatives to first looks! (You can also opt to not do any of these at all, saving the moment for the grand entrance of you walking down the aisle! Like I said, there's no one way to have a wedding!)

A lot of couples opt to do a first touch! We can find a space in the venue where you won't be seen, but you'll be able to just get a quick reassuring hand hold, talk to your person, and still have a moment alone with them. You can also exchange gifts, or letters! Send someone in your wedding party (or me!) to exchange a little something to give each other while you're getting ready. It'll be a nice little piece of your partner there before the big moment.

Getting Ready


For your wedding day, you're going to be so focused on so many things. You've taken the time to plan this all out, (often times down to the teeniest details), and I want to help capture them all! From the moment I arrive, I'd love to have these things available.

Items to have prepared and ready for me to photograph:

(All may not apply)

NOTE: please have these items together in one place (For example: a shoebox). Your items in one box and your partners in another. If you are getting ready at separate locations, then please keep ALL rings with one partner only.

Partner 1 : shoes, ring, ring box, bowtie or tie, tie clip, pocket square, watch, cuff links, vow book, etc.

Partner 2: Invitation suite, shoes, ring(s), ring box, bracelets, earrings, necklace, hair pieces, vow book, perfume etc.

In Addition:

1) If there are any textured / sentimental details that you love that you feel like would make great accent items to your detail shots then feel free to throw those in there (lace, fur, miniature plants, pretty rocks, anything!!).

2) Please have your clothes on a cute hanger. If you didn’t buy one specifically for it, that’s okay! I always keep a spare on hand :)

3) I love to incorporate floral in my detail shots. If at all possible, I will grab a bouquet and incorporate it, if the bouquet can be arranged to be there along with the other wedding details, then awesome!


Make sure to be intentional about your getting ready location. It defines the whole mood and feel of your photos, and can make or break your images. For example, if you decide to get ready in a space with bad lighting and no windows, you might feel stressed.

Instead…consider getting ready in an open, clean room with soft natural light coming through the windows, a place that will make you feel more at peace and in touch with your emotions. Whatever makes you the most comfortable, it'll set the tone for the day.

Getting ready groom



And that's a great thing! I'm here to help with all of the unique aspects of your wedding ceremony. Out of everything, I always recommend doing a "tech free" wedding ceremony. Have signage up, have your officiant tell your guests to put away their cameras and phones, and just be present in the moment. This helps them be truly there for your day (and let's face it, a lot of people have likely traveled to be there with you!) without worrying about getting photos or videos of your ceremony. That's what I'm here for!

One really fun suggestion that I've seen is to have your officiant at the start of the ceremony tell your guests that they have ten seconds to snap any photos or videos they'd like, and then put it away for the rest of the time.

Wedding photo guest book

Family + Formal Photos

If you opted out of doing a first look with your partner, or you wanted to get extra photos with family members who haven't arrived until the ceremony, you'll want to pay extra attention here. After the ceremony, we'll have about 20 minutes to make sure to get any photos with family or guests you'd like to snag, so it's important for your guests to hang out as soon as the ceremony ends.

I'll reach out about a month before the wedding to make sure I've snagged a list from you of all of the family photos you'd like to try and snag, and I'm happy to help arrange it to make it time-crunch friendly.

Full wedding party PHOTOS

Once we finish up with family photos, we will bring in the whole wedding party together for group photos! If you’re having a first look, full wedding party photos might happen before the ceremony to leave more time for couple portraits.

Couple portraitS

My favorite part!

Now is the time I'll sneak you away privately so you can both have some alone time (with me). We'll all take a breather together, and I'll allow space to let you get comfortable and settled in with your new spouse. <3 (And then we'll take some magic sunset photos)

***I’ve normally set aside 45-30 minutes of couple portraits. But if you want to set aside more time, please feel free! The more space we have here to have freedom to take our time with the photos, the more relaxed and comfortable your photo experience is going to be.


The Grand entrance

This is when I’ll be shooting candid photos of you and your partner (and now spouse!!) walking in the reception!

I’ll also be shooting reception details.

Next, if you choose to have it, is the time for your first dance, and/or dances with your family.

Make sure to communicate with either your planner or DJ to keep lighting stable throughout this! You don't want to be slow dancing to John Legend while you're having strobe lights going off. TRUST me.


Since no one wants to have photos of their mouths open, full of food, I'll be taking this moment to step away and eat too! It's a lot easier to coordinate with important events if I'm eating in the same room with you and your guests, so, if the space allows, make sure to have a dedicated table or space for your vendors!


You did it!!! You did all the things you had planned! Now is just the time to relax, kick off your heels, and dance with your friends and family! (And I'll be there to catch all the best dance moves, probably dancing right alongside you)

Grand Exit

If you're planning an exit (which is always super fun!) make sure whatever you have planned, the venue allows! Some venues have bans on sparklers, so if that's the case, message me! I'm happy to help brainstorm cool, unique exit ideas!

I'll have you run your exit twice, just to make sure we get all the goodbyes with your loved ones, and any cool extra last minute shots!

Do whatever makes YOU happy

This is YOUR day! There's absolutely no right or wrong way to go about it.

Don't want a wedding party? That's so okay!

Don't want to slow dance? Completely fine!

Don't want a grand exit and would rather just sneak away?

Literally whatever you want for your day, I am here to help try and make it a reality.

It's so hard to try and focus on what really matters when you have a million and one things to plan, but at the end of the day, it's about you and your partner.

Do what you love, and what makes you happy, and do it with the ones who love you.

I'm so excited for your day!